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2 octubre, 2012 No Comments by David

Hi there. Maybe you are an advertising agency, a consultant or a business owner and want to know what´s happening in the spanish market.

Yes, we know there are some bad news about us right now, but still we are a big market for tourism, football, as well as a 40 million consumers market looking for good products and services.

At Feebbo we can help you creating a survey for the spanish market.

  • We have a 50.000 users database segmented by 50 fields.
  • We will translate the survey for you.
  • We will send the survey and analize the data.
  • We will create a report for you in english.

Also, because we have the user´s database integrated we can do an emailing to the users that match certain criteria.

That way, Feebbo can help you target specifics customers if you want to send samples, cupons or just a nice present.

Please, feel free to send us an email and we will be happy to help you with your market research.

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